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Welcome to Charlotte Le Couture

A Charlotte Le lady has pride in her heritage; she instills her sense of youth within those around her, she is delicate in manner and classically elegant. Her personal beauty is enhanced only by what she wears. She can be passionate, but most of all she loves…

We pride ourselves on creating one of a kind, vintage inspired millinery and sensuous, handmade gowns for beautiful women.

Don’t forget to visit our Tailored Services page for Beautiful Bridal gowns, Wedding dresses, Bridesmaid dresses, Tailored and Special Occasion wear. Designed and Hand Made in Melbourne!

Inspired by our designs, but just can’t seem to see that special something that you’re dreaming of?
Custom made millinery and Made to Measure gowns are our speciality;
Together we can create the perfect piece for your special occasion.

Proudly Hand made in Melbourne, Australia