Our Partnership with The Entrust Foundation

At Charlotte Le we are privileged to enjoy some beautiful creations but we’re also keenly aware of the needs of so many in impoverished situations. That’s why we’re so proud to be able to partner with the Entrust Foundation to support their various projects, ranging from basic sanitation needs and micro-enterprise to human trafficking in a variety of remote locations around the world.

So when you buy from Charlotte Le you know that you’re not only getting something beautiful but you’re partnering with us and Entrust to help educate and empower those in need.

Entrust is a not- for-profit organisation and they ensure that every dollar donated gets to its designated project.

The project that we’re currently supporting is the ‘Pre-school centre for slum kids – Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)’ and we know you’ll agree when you read the article, just why we have been moved by this need in Myanmar.

When you make a purchase with us be sure to update your email address and we’ll be sure to send you the report of our current project that you’re helping make possible.

Vist Entrust for more information on their current projects:
The Entrust Foundation